Drawing of The Tablinum, which sits between the Atrium and Peristylium of a Roman house

Topic: An Aedicule
Year: 2008
Source: Various


Pompeian art styles obeyed strict rules of symmetry dictated by the central element, dividing the wall into 3 horizontal and 3-5 vertical zones. The vertical zones would be divided up by geometric motifs or bases, or slender columns of foliage hung around candelabra. Delicate motifs of birds or semi-fantastical animals appeared in the background. Plants and characteristically Egyptian animals were often introduced, part of the Egyptomania in Roman art after Augustus’ defeat of Cleopatra and annexation of Egypt in 30 BC.

A Roman house almost consist of small rooms or in other words the small heavenly mansions and are connected to each other through an atrium or a peristylium. atrium, cubiculum, culina, culina, exedra, peristylium, taberna, tablinum, triclinium, vestibulum. The Tablinum sits between the Atrium and Peristylium. It is almost a piece which allowed the flow of your view from the entrance right through the Peristylium. The Roman domus was typically designed so that anyone standing in the vestibule could see straight through the atrium and tablinum to the colonnaded garden in the back of the house—a very impressive vista! In this room the family records were stored; here was the chest containing family finances. Here also elite families would display the imagines, busts of famous ancestors. In this room, too, the master of the house, the paterfamilias, would greet his many clients on their morning visits. The tablinum often had an attractive mosaic floor and wall paintings.

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