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"When you are sorrowful, look again."  Kahlil Gibran

Empathy is a memorial/headstone piece designed to commemorate those who lost their lives during the coronavirus pandemic and it is to show global solidarity with those in grief.


The mirrored pillar reflecting its surrounding and the mourners, projecting sun rays and the sky, is a reminder that life continues.

Starting in 2019, the world has been challenged by the coronavirus; many infected, many affected and many lost their lives. But behind all the graphs and mortality rate statistics, there was an individual who lost the battle to the disease.

A symbol of international sympathy

The memorial/headstone is named Empathy to remind us that we are emotionally connected.

The piece is a mirror-polished stainless steel pillar standing at the average human height. It reflects the surrounding and the person in mourning. 

It reflects the life that is lost, but not forgotten, and, the life that remains, but has to face the tragedy. It reminds the mourners to look within and look at their surrounding to find inner peace.

Whether it sits alone, or in a cluster,
whether in an urban context or a tranquil place,
whether in America or Asia,
it will always represent global sympathy...

Mirrored Polish Stainless Steel Pillar

The pillar is designed to be made of highly polished stainless steel sheets in 316L grade. The steel sheet is folded, then welded and polished for smooth and seamless edges. The front panel is etched with the name of the deceased and any additional notes. The pollar is tapered at the top to allow a fall for rain drops. An internal steel structure with foundation suitable for the context in which it is installed, keeps the pillar standing. 


Preview from where you are.

If you've got an iPhone, iPad, or other device that supports USDZ, you can preview the memorial in AR (Augmented Reality)!

When viewing the models in the device's quick-look feature, you have the option to immortalise the moment as a photo, and even share it on social media. If you do, don't forget to hashtag #empathymemorial #empathycovid19 #empathy_memorial

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Augmented Reality model of a single memorial dropped in real context.


Augmented Reality model of a group memorial dropped in real context.

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