Ridhuna Island

Concept Design

Project: Ridhuna Island
Use: Masterplan | Community
Year: 2011
Location: Fictional
Role: Lead Designer & Visualiser 
Stage: Concept Design
Competition: BCO Annual Conference

The proposal tends to inspire individuals and test out future rhythms of life, work and play, using principles of collaboration, openness, sustainability and connectivity. At this island there is not a specific ‘work place’ environment. It is the island itself, as a whole that is used in different spaces in order to approach your own way of working. The island understands your life as a human as well as an employee. Spaces perform different elements of your life, work and play. Spaces are created for collaboration, innovation, play, concentration, happiness, well-being, spirituality and relaxation.

Visualisation featuring people around Ridhuna Island Lake Side
Ridhuna Island Map

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