Roll Out The Red Carpet

Art Installation

Project: Roll Out The Red Carpet
Use: Installation
Year: 2020
Competition: Steel Race Reuse 2020
Location: Stockholm
Role: Lead Designer & Visualiser 
Stage: Concept Design

The current sociological climate and our everyday interactions with social media have created a self-awareness and self-assessment on the average citizen. This awareness could sometimes lead to self-criticism and twist our understanding of how we measure our success and significance.

This proposal aims to create a moment of significance in one’s life by replicating a red carpet that rolls out from the portico of Stockholm concert hall and extends over the stairs and to Hötorget, suggesting that “this is your moment to shine”.

Isometric drawing over red carpet reaching the Stockholm Concert Hall

The design tends to alter our focus from using steel as a structural material and re-imagine its use in the industry as a decorative material instead. The pre-weathered Corten steel carpet is perforated with circular motifs in a pattern that resembles a traditional Persian carpet. The carpet is back-lit with LED lights that give this walkway a glow at night. Each Corten panel is 1.2m x 2.4m in dimension and is laser-cut, folded, where necessary, and welded to its adjacent panel. 

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