The Aquatic Foyer

Competition Design

Project: The Aquatic Foyer
Use: Hotel
Year: 2016
Location: Fictional
Role: Lead Designer & Visualiser 
Stage: Concept Design
Competition: Bespoke Access Award

This proposal takes a step back and rethinks about the equal access means for both the abled and disabled by introducing spaces that are linked to each other through water.

The users’ movements are equally slowed in the building. The urge to rush through your journey is avoided and the users are encouraged to travel by boat or pedalos through a series of spaces to reach their destinations such as the bar, restaurant and their rooms. The guest rooms sit around this aquatic foyer with the social spaces located in the centre of the plan and accessed via water. Artists’ installations can be exhibited under the water and artists such as Sue Austin can experiment with wheelchair scuba diving.

Section drawing of Venician Aquatic Foyer

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