My Urban Library

Competition Entry

Project: My Urban Library
Use: Intervention
Year: 2017
Location: Revellín Plaza, Logroño, Spain
Role: Lead Designer & Visualiser 
Stage: Competition Entry

Plaza del Revellín acts as both a courtyard and a passageway. The presence of the historic wall draws a certain visual line but also one wants to know what is on the other side, and the archway makes this association more intriguing. This proposal tries to respond to this feeling by creating an appealing path within the current layout of Plaza del Revellín for the pedestrians.

Isometric plan of Plaza del Revellín

This passage is formed of a number of pyramid shaped objects – made of Garnica panels - that suggest a playful journey from Calle Marques De San Nicolas to the archway within the old wall. In order to still retain the courtyard character of the space, these geometric elements form a bookshelf or a bench at certain spots. The visitors are encouraged to read a book or re-arrange the stand-alone pyramids in the space if they wish to create other layouts. 

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